XS650 – Back From The Grave

xs650 -16 2015

xs650 chopper


Ross Jackson – So the bike is a 1977 xs650 that was brought over from the USA in packed shipping container, it was a total basket case none runner but solid. I stumbled across your site when looking for bobber ideas, it was then that I totally fell for the little Jap twin and decided it would be the base for my first build. I was probably doing research for over 2 years before I had the funds to buy a donor bike, I was working out in Egypt on a salvage job when I won the ebay auction, 8 weeks later I arrived home and the little red xs650 special was waiting for me in the garage. I didn’t really have much working space but quickly stripped it down, I ditched all the wiring and electrics as it was all going to be replaced with new stuff. I needed a workspace so the bike was put to one side whilst I built a workshop out the back of my house, I like to do things properly so a new concrete floor was laid and i built a hydraulic bike stand so i could work on the bike with some comfort.

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