U.S. Air Force – Dodge Challenger Vapor

Black Dodge Challenger2 2014

This murdered out Badass Dodge Challenger Vapor is the new baby of the U.S. Air Force after hooking up with the California-based Galpin Auto Sport. Galpin Auto Sports, located in Van Nuys, Southern California, is widely known for its corporate and one-off vehicle designs and the MTV show “Pimp My Ride”.

Black Dodge Challenger4 2014 Black Dodge Challenger5 2014

It sports a all black matte finish designed to create a stealth like affect and will be used as a recruitment tools for the military Industrial complex.

Black Dodge Challenger 2014 Black Dodge Challenger3 2014

This post apocalyptic stealth muscle car is based on the 2009 Dodge Challenger. The Vapor has a quarter mile range surveillance camera on the roof and an infrared thermal image camera on the bumpers and features a biometric access to open the Vertical doors.  I’m sure your local police officer would love to have one of these mofos in their fleet. [VIA]