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1956 Triumph TR6 :: by SPICE MOTORCYCLES builder / Hidaka Seishi

A Bit Of Spice…

This little beauty has come straight from the custom workshop of Spice Motorcycles builder Hidaka Seishi from Japan. What they’ve done here is take a 1956 Triumph TR6 Trophy, made a few modifications to the frame, swapped some parts and put it back together to form this awesome bobber-esque motorcycle.

Don’t let its lazy looking nature fool you; this bike is from the same stock that won the Catalina Gran Prix 2 years in a row; it’s got a powerful 650cc engine attached to the frame. Another fact for you: Steve McQueen was huge fans of this engine – in fact, the bikes that you see in The Great Escape are actually TR6 Trophy’s disguised as German BMWs!

Now back to this cool lookin’ machine: you’ve got a cool set of bars to hold on to, a sweet looking seat, an awesome headlight and a gas tank that’s guaranteed to turn heads. If that doesn’t grab you the attention you deserve, then the cut down twin exhausts certainly will attract the crowds.

All in all, this is one of the nicest looking custom machines that we’ve displayed here on Sir Gear and if you take a look at the small details in the pictures, it’s not hard to see why.

If you want take a closer look at this beauty, then visit the Spice Motorcycles’ website. Bonus points if you can read Japanese…