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The standard Tacoma is one tough truck — YES, This truck made the run to the South Pole and back in just under 40 hours. The purpose built vehicle was modified over a period of two years to perfection, it was designed to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest drive across the earth’s most deadly terrain: across the icecap to the South Pole and back again. Described as “The most unique and successful concept truck ever built”, ´Polar` is now available for purchase, with both Guinness World Record certificates included with the sale.

Special features include a supercharged 4L V6 engine, a specially-tuned transmission, a suspension and undercarriage from Marconi, a steel body, four racing seats, an engine heater, upgraded batteries, a solar panel, and seven (!) fuel tanks with a total capacity of roughly 330 gallons — so while you won’t have to fill up often, it’s going to be brutal when you do.