This Inflatable car Jack will get you out of a pinch – The X-JACK

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The Bushranger X-Jack: Effortless Lift and Effortlessly Cool

So you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat and it’s time to get the jack out of the trunk and start pumping away until your too exhausted to even change the damn tire. That could be you or you could be an X-Jack owner.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn heads and lift your car up – by what can only be described as a marshmallow – then get one of these cool kits. The unique inflatable jack system is a triple layered inflatable that can simply lift your vehicle in any environment, in any terrain without you even having to break a sweat.

To inflate the thing, all that you have to do is attach a hose to your exhaust, leave the engine ticking over and watch your wheels rise off of the ground. The X-Jack uses an intelligent two way inflation system that provides full control over the rate and extent of your lift. You can use a regular air compressor to inflate it too but that’s just not as fun.

This awesome invention can competently lift your car up to 31 inch off of the ground and support up to 4 tons. The real benefit is that you can safely lift your car from a distance without any worry of personal injury and you can store the thing in a relatively small space; it collapses flat and rolls into a small storage bag that you can stow pretty much anywhere. You can pick these babies up for around $200 USD. A small price to pay if you’re stranded in the desert! Find out more about this ultra-cool car jack- Buy here.