The “Animal” BMW R1200S custom

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CRD#48 ” Animal¨ BMW R1200S

Take on the Apocalypse on this wild Animal

The guys at Café Racer Dreams have done it again; they’ve created another bike with power, speed, handling and the looks to boot. The Spanish garage has a vast portfolio full of beautiful machines but none have the ‘wow’ factor quite like this BMW R1200s inspired (and aptly named) Animal.

If you’ve ever pictured yourself riding a bike along a post-apocalyptic highway, possibly reminiscent of a scene from Mad Max, then this is the purring mother that you would probably imagine having between your thighs. Think dual headlight, look at the mesh on the tank and dream yourself into a world of pure lawless fun.

It’s got a mind-blowing 120-horsepower engine; more than enough to charge down the highway. It’s got Ohlins shocks on the front and back to tackle the terrain and keep you comfortable over the dusty terrain. It’s a stylish machine that packs a ferocious punch.

Like all custom motorcycles, the secret to their success is the small details; the tasteful upholstery on the seat, the sleek mirror finish and the beautifully machined hardware. Even the company logo on the gas tank is a thing of beauty.

If you want to see more works by Pedro Garcia and Efraon Triana of Café Racer Dreams then take a look at their website. If you want to know the details, you’d better have some Spanish knowledge. If you’re simply into looking at the pictures and dreaming though, feel free to click away!

Images by Enrique Pacheco.