Take awesome photos with your own Personal drone

personal-UAV-CAMERA-DRONE-cover-2 2014 Lehmann UAV LA100

The Skies The Limit: Introducing Your Personal Drone!

Ready yourself for the standard ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’ routine. This hi-tech bit of tech is the world’s first affordable drone. Re-wind a moment: affordable drone? Yes. Affordable and a drone. In one sentence. Lehmann Aviation have launched this amazing bit of kit for photographing the skies and can soar at an incredible 300ft for over 5 minutes. The LA100 UAV is built for aerial photography and is completely compatible with the GoPro camera. If you want to capture some serious air time from a whole new perspective then get yourself one of these toys. It has a sophisticated launch-system and the controls are pretty simple to use too. After inputting a pre-determined flight plan, all you do to launch it is throw it in the air.

The small carbon fiber wing glides through the air and after approximately 5 minutes of flight time within a half a kilometer radius, the LA100 can safely land itself too and all you have to do is upload what you’ve captured and enjoy. The Lehmann GoPro LA100 drone will set you back upwards of $1,300 USD but you’ll have to supply your own GoPro camera. That may seem steep but no price is to high for mastery of the skies, is it? You want one, right? Via.