Suzuki 750 Scrambler

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The Suzuki Inazuma 750 Scrambler: Too sexy to scramble?

Here is a great example of what a scrambler could and should look like; it’s the product of Rock Motorcycles, a custom motorcycle outfit based in Italy that was formerly known as Gia Mi Racing.

If you’ve ever seen a standard Suzuki GSX Inazuma 750 then you’ll know that this bike has come along way from its original form to stand as it is know: an absolute masterpiece.

The guys at Rock Motorcycles were commissioned to produce this marvel by a local motorcyclist whose only suggestions included using spoked rims for the retro look that supported some serious endure style rubber.

The whole bike has customized from the bottom up to create this superb scrambler look. The frame has been chopped and reshaped to accommodate the classic seat; the forks have been hidden by a pair of custom made gaters and the front and rear mudguards were fabricated to provide a sleek, sexy look.

A nice pair of scrambler bars dominate the front but the really cool features are the mirrors and speedo. Their modern design would look out of place on any other bike but here they look perfect.

The only question that remains is ‘if you owned this bike, would you take it out on the rough trails?’ It seems too special to get muddy, to beautiful to thrash and perhaps the front forks may travel a bit when you hit the bumps. All in all, though, she’s an awesome machine. Take a look at what else is on offer from Rock Motorcycles for more information:

Cosimo and the team at Rock Motorcycles (formerly Gia Mi Racing) in Italy