Strawberry Shortcake xs650 by The Limey

shortcake-xs650-1 2014  xs650-custom-6-4 2014 xs650-custom-5-3 2014 xs650-custom-5 2014

Yamaha XS650 Strawberry Shortcake – You see, there’s another shop in town (‘town’ refers to Austin, TX) that specializes in old Triumphs… so one day I said “The XS650 is the best Triumph ever made” and then this happened. The plan was to prove what I had said in a moment of XS pride and build a very light, very small XS650 that would trounce the evil Triumph (and bear in mind, I’m from England and have owned many Triumphs) in an 1/8 mile drag race.

The donor bike was a 1980 XS650 Special… for no other reason than I had one laying around. The Triumph has a big weight advantage to start with (the Special weighs in at nearly 500 lbs and a T120 Bonnie, a shade over 400 lbs). Power output is about the same in stock form, around 45-50 horses. So, this will be a test of the XS650′s ability to produce many more horses with not much money and keeping all Yamaha engine internals. The plan was for serious head work, good carbs and a well balanced engine. Oh, and a healthy amount of weight loss helped out by the hard tail and lots of aluminum.

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