SOG Specialty Mini Knife with Straight Edge

SOG AE22 Aegis Mini Knife-1 2014 SOG AE22 Aegis Mini Knife-2 2014 SOG AE22 Aegis Mini Knife-3 2014

The Sharpest Tool in the Box!

Here we have another great product from SOG Speciality Knives & Tools: The AE22-CP Aegis Mini – A quality, spring-loaded locking knife that can make fast-work of any job.

The 3 inch folding blade is made using a unique, high-quality, cryogenic heat treating process that gives the blade a toughness and durability like no other. It stays sharp for longer and will retain its edge for a seriously long time.

The knife also comes with an ergonomically designed grip which sits comfortably in the user’s hand. The handle is made from nylon and reinforced glass to form a light, abrasion and impact resistant grip. This comfortable grip allows for precision and an anti-slip safety feature.

This cool little knife comes with a neat little clip on the back that allows for easy transportation wherever you go. You can easily switch the clip from one side of the grip to the other, allowing you to carry it in whichever pocket you feel most comfortable with.

SOG is a highly revered knife and tool making specialist that has won praise from law enforcement and military outfits all over the world. If you want-in on the action then  find out more here!