SERBU SUPER-SHORTY 12-gauge shotgun

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From The Expendables

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Big Bang – Small Barrel – SERBU SUPER-SHORTY 12-gauge

Well here it is: a big gun in a small package. You may have seen it in The Expendables, Terminator Salvation, 21 Jump Street or Battleground but if you haven’t, let Sir Gear introduce you to the Serbu SUPER-SHORTY. This is little shotgun is based on the Mossberg Maverick but this 12-gauge is a little different than its donor weapon.

This shotgun is 16.5” in it’s overall length and the barrel itself is only 6.5” which makes for a very compact firearm. It has a beautifully machined and spring-loaded grip for your forehand that conveniently tucks away when not required. With statistics like that, it’s no wonder that the Serbu SUPER-SHORTY is the shortest 12-gauge on the known market.

The SUPER-SHORTY can hold two 2.3/4” or 3” shells in the magazine – more than enough to cause havoc before reloading.

Each part of the gun has been machined to perfection and every join has been expertly TIG welded by professional engineers.

It’s not just a celebrity in the movie world either; it’s a celebrated bit of gear law enforcement and military outfits all over the world. The gun is engineered to such a high standard; it’s not hard to see why!