Sea Doo – Sea Scooter

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Sea Doo – Sea Scooter

If you’re a budding oceanographer or an underwater explorer then you should get your hands on one of these time and energy saving sea-scooters, fresh from a James Bond Movie. Imagine enjoying the sights of the underwater world without having to worry about conserving your strength or disturbing the wildlife with unnecessary kicking and feeling relaxed the whole time.

The Sea-Doo is the next generation of underwater vehicles; you fire it up, hold on tight and let the Sea-Doo pull you around under the water. It’s a super lightweight bit of gear that can get you where you want to go, in a fast time, using the minimal amount of effort.

They can travel and operate up to 50 meters underwater, although it’s best to stay under the 40 meter boundary as that’s the maximum advised depth for scuba diving; sure you could paddle down there by why not take the easy option instead?

The batteries are fully rechargeable, the hull maintains neutral buoyancy, you pull a trigger to move forward and use your arms to steer. What’s not to like?

The Sea-Doo also has three separate ‘gears’ which give you the option to travel at a speed that suits. It’s some serious underwater tech for a serious adventurer. You can find out more here: