Rokon Trail-Breaker


Rokon was founded in Vermont by Orla Larsen in 1963 to sell the Trail-Breaker, a two-wheel-drive motorcycle invented around 1958 by Charlie Fehn and built in Sylmar, California.

In 1964 Rokon Inc. bought the manufacturing rights to the Trail-Breaker and marketed the bikes from their Vermont office before moving the business to New Hampshire, where they continue in business today.

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The Trail-Breaker has eating up a ton of train since 1963 by the United States’s Armed Forces, Forest Service, and by individual farmers and ranchers.

Rokon has tons of interesting features such as a patented AutoGrab front suspension system for a smoother ride on rough terrains, hollow drum flotation wheels that also provide extra space for fuel or water, full time front and rear wheel drive with a towing capability of up to 2,000 pounds, wider tires and a lighter weight of 218 pounds.

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