Ride out the apocalypse like a baller in the Mercedes-Benz Zetros – you GOT to see the inside.

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When it comes to taking life on the road, nothing can live up to the Mercedes-Benz Zetros. Usually, these all-terrain, 6×6, 7..2 liter diesel monsters are reserved for military logistics but two Ulan Bator businessmen have commissioned these two dream machines for the ultimate R&R experience: hunting in the Mongolian desert.

Not happy with the standard trimmings of six-wheel drive and an incredible 326 brake horse power, these businessmen literally meant business when they asked for a ‘custom’ job. These two hunting expedition RVs are kitted out with more than you’re average mod-cons; heated marble floors, full galley and dining service, bedroom and bathroom, home cinema and an on-board garage for the quad bikes too complete the outfit.

There’s also no need to find a campsite with these bad boys. They come complete with a diesel generator and back-up batteries that could keep your lights on and your beers cold throughout the duration of your hunting trip. You’ve also got two different water systems too; one for drinking and one for the bathroom essentials.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros has already strutted it’s stuff on the big screen, having appeared in A Good Day To Die Hard; it’s a must have piece of kit for any action movie but now it’s moved from the theaters and straight into existence. If you’re in need of horsepower, protection and a mean looking ride to roll around in during the impending zombie apocalypse, then this is the vehicle for you. Read more – pics Via.