Powerduo Multi-Tool Straight Edge Blade

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Powerduo Multi-Tool with Straight Edge Blade and Nylon Sheath, 11-Tools Combined, Black Oxide Finish

The SOG PowerDuo: The Multi-Tool With A Split Personality

We’ve showcased a few SOG tools here on Sir Gear but just when we thought that SOG couldn’t release anything cooler they go and give us the SOG PowerDuo.

This versatile multi-tool comes equipped with the standard high quality blade that SOG is famous for and then throws another 10 tools on top of that to give you the only tool that you’ll ever need in a pinch.

It’s got pliers, it’s got screwdrivers, it’s got a variety of different sized openers; it’s even got tweezers. It’s a lot of gear for a tool that is only 4.30” when closed.

It’s refreshing to see a multi-tool that comes with what you need; rather than a whole load of useless junk crammed inside of it. What it also has, that many other multi-tools don’t, is an actual knife blade that cuts, rather than a cheap and flimsy blade that might let you down in a survival situation.

The 2.9” fully locking blade also comes with a whole host of other useful features such as a lanyard hole and a versatile sheath that is equipped with a heavy duty clip and storage facility. On top of that, like all SOG products, the PowerDuo also comes with a lifetime guarantee; in the unlikely event of it breaking, no matter how much of a thrashing you give it, you can always send it back for repair or replacement. Not a bad service, eh? Buy one here..