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Retro Rides: The Plymouth Barracuda

Take a look at this stunning 1971 Plymouth Barracuda; it’s everything that a vintage car should be and more, especially when it’s had a few upgrades thrown into the mix too.

The upgraded 4-barrel V8 engine offers up some serious high performance; the transmission has also been replaced to automatic, offering an easy driving experience. Just take a look at it and dream; it’s a two-doored, hard top that’s been re-sprayed in the original Lemon Twist Yellow colors and you know you want one.

Everything about this car is just cool, from the matte black stripes on the outside to the black bucket seats on the inside. If you want to restore an old car of your own, Sir Gear recommends getting an old ‘Cuda and making it sexy.

Upgrade the engine, give it a paint job and you’ll be halfway to completing the car of your dreams. If you want to go the whole hog like in the pictures above, get some rally rims and some BFG tires to really finish the job.

Or you could always just buy one by keeping your eyes on the auction sites; they do come up every so often but none as lovingly crafted as this mean machine right here…..