Plant your garden by firing your gun

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Plant your garden by firing your gun

Make love not war; shoot seeds not bullets!

Imagine the scenario: you’re sitting in your rockin’ chair on your front porch with your shotgun in hand, whistling to yourself and letting off a few rounds every now and again, just to keep the neighbor on his toes. How amazing would it be if you could do that and do something good for your garden and the environment at the same time? If you’re a gardener then why not take it to the extreme with the ‘Flower Shell’?

Developed in Scandinavia by Per Cromwell, the Flower Shell is a unique and interesting new approach to gardening. The Flower Shell itself is a simple 12 gauge shotgun shell that fires plant seeds rather than buck shot. It’s the 21st century approach to gardening. Load, aim fire! With a few of these in your barrel then you could re-plant your property in seconds flat and have a damn good time doing it.

At the moment, the shells come in twelve different ‘flavors’ including peony, daisy, lavender and sunflower.

Just ‘cause your shooting flowers doesn’t meant that the whole procedure is safe. To shoot the seeds, the cartridges still have some gunpowder in them and you don’t want to get caught in any crossfire. If you’re going to go gun slinging around the garden, make sure you take the relevant safety equipment with you and bring your common sense along too!