Phone is dead, battery’s exhausted – Portable Solar Charger

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Solarmonkey Adventurer Portable Solar Charger by Portable Solar Charger

Don’t let the name fool you here – this solar charger is for more than just monkeying around!

This extraordinary charging unit is a must-have bit of gear for anyone serious about tackling the great outdoors. It’s been developed by one of the world’s leading portable charger companies: Powertraveller.

So you’ve spent the day climbing a peak, wandering the desert or tackling the trails but you’re phone is dead, your camera battery’s exhausted or your GPS needs power. This is your solution.

This solar charger comes with an internal battery than can charge throughout the day, delivering you power when you need it most. It comes in a handy carry case that can be stowed away neatly or worn on the back on the back of your pack, charging all day.

The slimline, lightweight panels have a 3 watt maximum output; enough to charge more than just your bare essentials. The Solar Monkey can is fully compatible with iPads and tablets, GPS and SatNavs, handheld games consoles and most major mobile phones, including the iPhone as well as a variety of cameras, torches and accessories. Things that you may need in a pinch!

You can even charge your gear when the sun isn’t shining; the Solar Monkey will still charge in overcast and rainy conditions (it takes longer, of course) delivering you power when you need it most. Take a look here for a full list of specs: