Pea pod Ice Balls – giant ice balls for your Drink

Pea pod Ice Balls-1 2014 Pea pod Ice Balls-2 2014 Pea pod Ice Balls-3 2014

Peapod ice cube – Ice Ball Drink Mold.

Great Balls of…Ice? Giant Ice Balls For Your Drinks!

They make cool furniture, they make cool accessories and the also make kitchen novelties like this pea pod ice ball maker. Their company name is SUCK UK but seriously, their product doesn’t suck at all. In fact, it’s pretty cool. Yeah, terrible joke but take a look at what the ‘frozen peas’ mold can do: spherical ice! That’s pretty awesome, right?


Pea pod Ice Balls-4 2014 Pea pod Ice Balls-5 2014

Here’s a fact for you: spherical ice melts 80% slower than conventional cube shaped ice. If you want to keep your drink cold, then this spherical peapod ice mold has got to be the future right?

The peas in a pod ice cube tray can make and hold three ice spheres that measure 1.75” in diameter. The cool, nature inspired design makes sure that the mold remains upright whilst in the freezing process and won’t spill across your freezer. The silicone design makes it easy to free your ice too.

So, there it is: spherical ice. It’s the future and it looks pretty damn cool too. If you want to get your hands on one of these cool freezing molds then click the link below and begin enjoying your drinks that stay cooler for 80% longer than they ever used to! Once you’ve tasted a sphere of ice – you’ll never go back!