Park your car on the roof of this House

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LOCATION: Echo Park, Los Angeles – Forget about trying to open your car door in your cramped cluttered garage. With this house when you park your car you always have enough room to open your door and step out. This house sits in a deep lot overlooking Los Angeles. The Car Park House by Anonymous Architects switches the standard layout of your typical house and places the garage on the roof. The driveway approaches the home from above and extends over its living quarters with the garage placed as the roof. From the roof/parking lot the staircase brings the you below where family rooms, bedrooms and balconies provide private living spaces with panoramic views of LA.

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The design is actually a logical response to to the fact that it is built on a hill and the building code requires parking for two vehicles. The homes flat surfaces and hard edges feature natural stone color schemes with clean interior walls and wooden floors. The roof car park is open air, and the family’s vehicles become a part of the art of the home itself.  The vintage Porsche parked above can be  drooled over from a nearby sitting area. Jealous? via

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