Ducati Monster S4R Concept motorcycle by Paolo Tesio

Monster S4R Concept

The Tesio S4R Concept: A glimpse of the future? Anyone who’s ever sat astride a motorcycle has had a dream of owning a Ducati. Like most things Italian, it’s got a sleek, elegant look; it’s powerful and wild; it’s got character and a certain charm. The Monster S4r is a perfect example of a modern machine but now Paolo Tesio has come along and blown the game right out of the water. What you’re looking at is a concept model, which takes the water-cooled, four-valved machine and tears up the rule book. From front to back and top to bottom this monster is less ‘Monster’ and more ‘café’. From the custom sub-frame to the lower front end this motorcycle is built for speed. The beautifully tucked away exhaust streamlines the package and the exquisitely crafted custom single-seat brings the whole racing concept together nicely. Even the smallest details like the retro S4R Ducati logo give this bike a look that will turn heads.

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At this stage it’s only a concept but if we can generate enough interest then Tesio will make a custom kit, allowing S4R owners to pimp their own rides. So spread the love and show the world what a motorcycle could look like. Plus, it’s always a bonus to have a single seat. Some might argue that it means you can’t take the lady friend on the back…but is that really a negative suggestion?