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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

The Nest smart thermostat is a great option to save energy on your electric bill by automating your thermostat. The LED display makes up the majority of the surface and can display an analog or digital clock instead of the temperature if you prefer. It will start to automatically adjust to your homes temperature based […]

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Hamilton Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender

Dude, you really need to get a blender

Have you ever read the ingredients on the junkfood you put in your shopping cart? There’s all sorts of nasty shit in most processed foods – just read the label. Consider this like a public service announcement… Do yourself a favor and get a blender. The Big Benefits of Blending, Blending is fast. Blending is filling (if you blend […]

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Sea Doo Pro Scooter-3 2014

Sea Doo – Sea Scooter

Sea Doo – Sea Scooter If you’re a budding oceanographer or an underwater explorer then you should get your hands on one of these time and energy saving sea-scooters, fresh from a James Bond Movie. Imagine enjoying the sights of the underwater world without having to worry about conserving your strength or disturbing the wildlife […]

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Phone is dead, battery’s exhausted – Portable Solar Charger

Solarmonkey Adventurer Portable Solar Charger by Portable Solar Charger Don’t let the name fool you here – this solar charger is for more than just monkeying around! This extraordinary charging unit is a must-have bit of gear for anyone serious about tackling the great outdoors. It’s been developed by one of the world’s leading portable charger […]

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ixoost Engine manifolds speaker 4-3 2014

Engine manifolds speaker docks

The ixoost Engine manifolds speaker and docks – Start Your Engines. It’s Party Time…? We’ve all heard of petrol heads but who knew that it could also extend to their ears? What we’ve got here is one of the coolest automotive accessories. The craftsmen at iXoost have created these beautifully engineered and machined speaker docks out of engine […]

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Lehmann UAV LA100

Take awesome photos with your own Personal drone

The Skies The Limit: Introducing Your Personal Drone! Ready yourself for the standard ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’ routine. This hi-tech bit of tech is the world’s first affordable drone. Re-wind a moment: affordable drone? Yes. Affordable and a drone. In one sentence. Lehmann Aviation have launched this amazing bit of kit for photographing […]

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Laser Projection Keyboard-4 2014

Magic Cube projection device – Laser Keyboard – from the future?

Turn heads instantly when you start working with this laser-projected keyboard from the future. Ok, not from the future, but it sure as hell looks like it. Celluon’s Magic Cube is an excellent concept that allows you to input into almost any device available. Many people despise the input into their smartphones and tables. This is the answer, […]

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