Magic Cube projection device – Laser Keyboard – from the future?

Laser Projection Keyboard2 2014

Turn heads instantly when you start working with this laser-projected keyboard from the future. Ok, not from the future, but it sure as hell looks like it. Celluon’s Magic Cube is an excellent concept that allows you to input into almost any device available. Many people despise the input into their smartphones and tables. This is the answer, without having to lug around keyboards and mice. The Magic Cube is not only a keyboard, but includes multi-touch mouse and handwriting recognition capabilities – making this ultra-compact device extremely useful.

Laser Projection Keyboard-1 2014
Laser Projection Keyboard-3 2014
Laser Projection Keyboard-4 2014

Using Bluetooth and easy synching, you simply place the cube on a surface, switch it on, and BAM!, there’s a keyboard on the table. A life-size keyboard that allows for up to 50 words per minute, which isn’t too bad for the majority of users out there.

The keystrokes are recognised using an invisible infrared layer combined with an optical sensor. When you press a key on the projected keyboard, the infrared layer is interrupted. This causes UV reflections that are recognised by the system in three dimensions.

Get rid of your clunky input devices at the office and save valuable desk real estate (as well as looking like you’re from the future). In the next version, there should be a feature to start beaming you to other locations. Buy here.