Lighting your way to a late night bathroom visit

Glow in the dark toilet seats-1 2014

Glow in the dark toilet seats

Never miss the toilet seat again during your middle-of-the-night bathroom escapades.

Here at Sir Gear, our midnight meanders sound very similar. We stumble down the hall, blind ourselves when we switch the bathroom light on, and squint through the blindness while we try to aim for the bowl instead of the seat. That’s why we love the potential of these Night Glow glow in the dark toilet seats. No more blindness, no more stumbling, and aim will no longer be an issue!

Any light source charges the Night Glow toilet seats, with a few minutes charge enabling the seat to glow for over 8 hours – 8 hours. You won’t need to switch on your bathroom light at all.

Night Glow has done an excellent job in making the seat as unobtrusive as possible. During the day, the seat looks like any normal white(ish) toilet seat. At night, with some unique chemical compounds, the seat will glow bright green or blue (depending on which product you purchase). Playing night games might be fun, but one of the major benefits of the Night Glow toilet seat is the potential savings on your electricity bill. If you have a large family (with a number of night time trips to the bathroom), you will immediately reap the benefit. There is also the benefit that you’re less likely to whiz all over the floor. Buy one here.