Knife, Key – What is it? SOG Specialty KEY/Knives

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Knife, Key, Knife, File – What is it?

Ok, it might not look as high-tech or flashy as some of the gear we usually post here but this SOG Double Key tool is pretty damn awesome.

We’ve all heard this phrase before and SOG takes it seriously: ‘the best knife is the one that you have with you’ and when it comes to those situations a truer word has never been spoken!

How many times have you needed a pocket knife for…something. Hundreds of times at least? This piece of tooling is the perfect solution. You’re looking at a foldable, lockable blade that neatly fits within a casing that’s shaped like a key that unsurprisingly fits on your key chain!

You’ll rarely go anywhere without your keys and now you can be prepared for almost any situation. The knife also comes complete with a 1.5 inch foldable file that can do more than just your nails.

Pop one of these bad boys on your key chain and you should be ready to cut and file away to your hearts content wherever and whenever. Take a look here for more specs about this cool bit of survival gear: