Hilltop Shipping Container House – In Chilean – The inside is so cool.

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Building houses with shipping containers is a fairly new concept, but is gaining traction due to low cost and durability. In some cases container homes can cost as much as seventy-five percent less than tradition homes.

Container homes are not simply containers that have been placed on the ground and people move in. When inside container homes, they look like they’ve been taken out of any normal cookie-cutter catalogue (albeit a slightly smaller interior).

One such example of what can be done with a container home was built for an art collector and his family in the Andes hills outside of Santiago, Chile. The Caterpillar House, designed by Sebastián Irarrázaval, comprises of five 40ft containers, six 20ft containers, and an additional 40ft container for the swimming pool.

This mass of containers, concrete, and steel turned out quite magnificent with two storeys, plenty of lighting, and great views over the valley below. Well placed windows, skylights, and doors provide excellent lighting. The exterior wrapping contributes to keeping the interior temperature consistent.

The ultimate goal for the home owner was low maintenance and longevity. The architect achieved this successfully using low cost, low maintenance materials which will keep this home looking amazing for years to come. Building with Shipping Containers has a special history all its own.

Photography: via: archdaily