Hidemo XLCH – Awesome – Straight Outta Japan

Hidemo XLCH-5 2014 Hidemo XLCH-4 2014 Hidemo XLCH-2 2014 Hidemo XLCH-1 2014

Straight Outta Japan: The boys over at Hide Motorcycles in Japan sure know what they’re doing; they can turn something stock and turn it into a head turner, using some serious engineering techniques and a hell of a lot of know how.

Take this classic example: the 1967 XLCH (affectionately known as the Knick Knack).

It’s more than your average machine. It’s got some of the same innards as your standard Harley Davidson Iron Head but if you take a closer look at that exquisite V-twin engine, you’ll notice the unique twin carb design. It’s unusual and you’d have to adjust your timing but this thing really goes…and then some.

Cast your eyes from the engine and take a look at the design and style features too; each piece of this bike has been lovingly machined and painted to create its astounding and mind blowing look.

The custom handlebars may look a bit on the small side but they provide as much handling as a larger pair. The rear wheel assembly has caused a sensation amongst the chop shop enthusiasts too. Is it two wheels that have been split and fused together? Who knows? (If you know, then let us know in the comments section!)

What we do know is that these guys have been making some badass bikes and they’ve been inspiring people to chop their own machines all over the world. Pics / Isobe Takao –