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Take ‘Adventure’ to the next level with the Carducci Dual Sport Adventure SC3.

Here you’ve got something different: underneath it’s only a standard 883 Sportster but when you throw the engineering expertise of Jim Carducci into the mix and his incredible conversion kit, the resulting motorcycle is something completely different altogether.

You take a simple 883 Sportster model from between ’93 and ’03, either take it to the Dual Sport headquarters in Sunnyvale, California or buy your very own DIY conversion kit and before you know it you’ll be the proud owner of one of the sexiest and most capable dual sport machines in the world. Despite its looks, this mean machine is a Harley Davidson through and through, making a nice change to the dual sport models that are usually dominated by Ducati, KTM, BMW and the Japanese manufactures.

Jim Carducci and his wife are both professionals in their fields; Jim is an experienced mechanical engineer and his wife is a very knowledgeable and qualified electronics engineer and software designer. Together they founded Carducci Dual Sport, LLC and specialize in sculpting architecturally beautiful and exquisitely designed component parts.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of grunt that breaks the mold, then why not pick up your own 883 Sportster (there are plenty of them around and at affordable prices too) and assemble your own dual sports machine? You’ll have a badass looking motorcycle that can literally take you anywhere.