Hauk Designs Jeep Dune Raider

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Hauk Designs Jeep 4×4 Dune Raider – Dune Raiding: Like a Pro

If you’re an off-road regular then you may have already heard about the amazing work coming out of Hauk Designs in Pennsylvania. They have custom built some of the sickest off-road machines on the planet and their designs and builds have been featured in many a magazine. Taking a look at these photos, it’s easy to see why.

What we have here is their Dune Raider model; a pimped-out jeep that fuses luxury and adventure but it’s more than ready to tackle the desert and bring it down.

If you want in on the action you’ve got a load of options to choose from. First of all, each individual model from their Raider series is tailored specifically to the needs of the buyer. You can choose from a range of engines to find something that suits you; if you’re after a 5.7 liter VVT HEMI ripper with 405 horsepower, they’ve got it but if you want to go mental you can also choose from the other end of the scale: the 7.2 liter HEMI 636 horsepower monster. You name it, they’ve got it.

Everything is fully customizable including the wheels, the tires, the transmission, the axles – even the upholstery and paint job are yours to choose from.

Within the Dune Raider series are three distinct model types too; the Appearance Package, the Performance Package and the Ultimate Package. Each one commands a different price tag but is geared towards very specific needs. Take a look at the specifics on