Get control of high blood pressure – with home monitor


To help control high blood pressure, HBP or hypertension, research has shown that monitoring at home can be helpful…  As the saying goes – what gets measured gets managed.

Check out the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.. Its really awesome because it uses wireless Bluetooth, making monitoring and charting your results easy  – day after day – month after month.



Why is home monitoring important? Charting provides a “time-lapse picture”

One measurement taken at the doctor’s office is like a snapshot – not very accurate in finding your true number.

It tells what your blood pressure is at that moment.

Readings can vary throughout the day and can be temporarily influenced by factors such as emotions, diet and medication.

A record of readings taken over time can provide you a clear picture of your blood pressure and help you better manage it.


About the Product.

  • High-accuracy blood pressure monitoring
  • Automatic wireless sync with app
  • Detailed results and recommended values displayed in the app
  • Dual connectivity (Bluetooth + wired)
  • Compatible iOS and android