Engine manifolds speaker docks

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The ixoost Engine manifolds speaker and docks – Start Your Engines. It’s Party Time…?

We’ve all heard of petrol heads but who knew that it could also extend to their ears? What we’ve got here is one of the coolest automotive accessories. The craftsmen at iXoost have created these beautifully engineered and machined speaker docks out of engine manifolds. These handmade marvels have a serious 140w output and come in the shape of all of your design favorites, including V8, V8 and V12; they also come with a high revving price tag and can cost upwards of $6500 US dollars. Yes, US dollars.

Each piece is painstakingly crafted, engineered and milled by what can only be described as an artist. Based in Modena, Italy, the iXoost sound systems are based around the manifolds from Bugattis, Maseratis and Ferraris and are engineered to play high quality sound, reminiscent of the gentle purr of an engine.

The majestic curves and contours are complimented by the chrome coloration of the manifold and they truly are sight to behold. These bad boys are compatible with your iPod and there’s no better way to enjoy your music. If the price tag is a little high for you, we recommend hitting your local junk yard and ‘upcycling’ one of your own… We’d also like to add that although an old Honda manifold may be cheaper, it may not produce the same results. Happy listening! Via.