Earl Motors Present: The Ducati Tracker

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The Ducati Tracker – It’s not hard to see where the inspiration for this custom build came from. Take a lover of motorcycles, watch On Any Sunday with Steve McQueen, add a team of enthusiastic designers and fabricators and give them a room to play in and this here is pretty much your result.

This build was based around an old Ducati Monster and seeing how far it could be modified and enhanced whilst still maintaining a decent sense of road legality. This machine is a cafe racer fused with a flat tracker. It has smooth lines and streamlined features but with the practicalities and handling of a good old-fashioned, dust kicking flat tracker. Take a look at those handlebars and try not to imagine yourself ripping through the desert.

earlemotors-3 2014

The custom built tank can hold up to three gallons. The front wheel is from a Kawasaki, the rear from a Harley; the tires are made by Maxxis and the handlebars are straight from Renthal. This bike may be the bastard love child of several machines but it’s got the look of a real brawler and the guts to go with it.

This is more than just a home build though; every inch has been precision engineered. It’s not the sort of thing you can just knock together yourself with a few rattle cans and a TIG welder.