Do you know where your keys are? A Tile can help.

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Stick A Tile to anything and you can track it with your smart phone.

Where the hell did you leave those keys? Did they slide down the side of the couch? Maybe they fell out while you went for that stroll. You have searched the lounge, the kitchen, and the rest of the house. Time to panic.

Introducing Tile, a new product from the company of the same name. A matchbook sized, Bluetooth Low Energy device that can be attached, stuck, or carried with items you don’t want to lose. Tiles are linked to an accompanying iOS app that will allow you to monitor and find any tiles you have associated with it.

So, before you go ahead and panic when your keys have been lost, just remember that you had a Tile attached and can simply mark it as lost. If any other members of the Tile community come within range, you will be notified immediately. Pretty damn handy.

“Oh, look, my Tile app says the keys are within 50ft”. What? But you searched everywhere. Another feature of Tile is to ‘ring’ the device to help with searching for a lost item. Suddenly, there is an odd pinging noise from your jacket pocket… Tile is currently on presale, and is expected to ship during spring of 2014.