Dead On19-Inch Hammer – The Death Stick

Dead On DO21C-1 2014 Dead On DO21C-2 2014

The Best framing hammer..

Dead On 21oz 19-Inch Hammer – Death Stick – Dead On Power! 

If you’re serious about your tooling and now your types of hammers you may have already heard of the Dead On brand and their awesome products. We’re talking about hand tools that are built to last – A last for life hammer; they’re tough, accurate and efficient and the only thing you want in your hands when you’re on the building site.

This is one of their best hammer hammers, know as the Death Stick framing hammer. It weighs 21oz, the hammer handles is made from the finest hickory and its head has been specially cast to provide the most powerful and durable striking surface on the market. This is the tool that you need if you want to earn some respect out in the field.

Dead On has some serious and fun ideas when it comes to tooling and hammers; they’re all about having fun whilst providing expert quality. Their other products include badass nail pullers, heavy duty work wear other cool gadgets. When it comes to getting the job, Dead On tell you to make the nail bleed; that’s the kind of attitude that surely promises to deliver!

. If you’re looking to buy the hammer that will last you a lifetime, then look no further; the Death Stick always comes accompanied with five star reviews. Still not convinced – Dead On DO21C 21oz Milled Face 19-Inch Curved Hickory Handle Hammer is rad…