bratstyle HD sportster

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Brat Style: What it is and what it means…Sort of!

If you’re into motorcycles you’ll have heard of the term ‘Brat Style’ at least once. If you talk to people, you might hear them mention it when describing a custom bike that has a flat seat; people even say it when describing a set of flat bars; people even say it when describing a café racer. In fact, ‘Brat Style’ isn’t any of those things.

Like the term ‘Harujuku Style’ or ‘Shinjuku Style’, ‘Brat Style’ is also a description of a place rather than a concept. ‘Brat Style’ is a custom works motorcycle garage in Tokyo, Japan that builds a wide range of unique custom machines. They mainly specialize in bobbers and flat-trackers but these custom machines are quite special: they often come equipped with the stock shocks, a relatively unmodified frame and their machines are hard to classify. They’re not one style or another. They’re just Brat Style.

If you take a look at these images, you’ll agree that we have a seriously classy looking Sportster. In fact, it barely looks like a Sportster at all. You simply take the bike, change the bars, stick on a slab-like seat and you’ve got something that’s neither bobber nor chopper, nor café racer or flat-tracker; it’s a street-bobber. Or it’s Brat Style.

Visit their website and scroll through their builds. They don’t specialize in one thing… but whatever they build, you can be sure it’s genuinely Brat-Style!