BMW R90S -1 2014

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BMW R90S by Sébastien Beaupère

The BMW R90S: A Retro Ride with a Modern Touch

There are custom motorcycles and then there are custom motorcycles: here we have the BMW R90S ‘Renn Pfeil’ machine all the way from France. Take a good, long look at this machine and try to find something wrong with it. You just can’t, can you?

This masterpiece was created by French boulangerie owner Sebastien Beaupere and his outlandish machine has created quite a stir amongst the custom motorcycle community. Its mean, it’s aggressive, it’s fast and it’s retro. If you want to roll down the highway looking like ‘the man’ – then this is the motorcycle for you.

The name ‘Renn Pfeil’ is the German for ‘race arrow’ and it’s an apt name considering the bikes lineage. The original R90S’s were produced between 1973 and ’76 and the bike even won the AMA Superbike Championship in ’76 too. This custom model is actually built on top of the frame of an R50 but the innards (especially that awesome boxer engine) come straight from the original R90S.

It’s the details on this bike that separates it from the others; the frame mounted headlight being one of them, the seat pan being an other and the front forks being something else altogether!