Conceal Wall Book Shelf

If you are a book lover, then this creative book shelf is bound to intrigue you. It’s called the ‘Conceal Book Shelf’, an interesting concept by the design studio, Umbra. A surprisingly simple, award winning design, causes the shelf to become ‘invisible’ behind a pile of books. The books themselves then appear to be floating on the wall. Be the wonder of your friends and family when they see how interesting this looks. The sturdy, powder coated steel, L-shaped shelf mounts to the wall as does any other standard shelf.

Conceal Wall Book Shelf+g5L 2014 invisiblebookshelf2014 2014 Conceal Wall Book Shelf_x 2014

The trick comes in when you add the books. The book at the bottom of pile is used as the ‘shelf’. There are small latches in which the book rests on, and in turn, allows the other books to sit on the bottom book. The maximum weight of 15 pounds (or 8-inches) of small to medium books on the shelf means that this is really for appearance only. Don’t expect to start storing your philosophy encyclopaedias on these shelves. There is a larger shelf for bigger, heavier books (although still not for the encyclopeadias). There are other possibilities for this concept shelf, DVD’s and CD’s come to mind – especially if you want to mount these shelves in your T.V. room. At a relatively cheap price, this shelf is a must if you want to be a bit quirky and different. Buy here.