AEV Prospector Ram 2500 Diesel 4×4



Looking to do some serious off-road work?

Check out what American Expedition Vehicles did to this Ram pickup – 6.7L Cummins diesel engine!

ram-2500-diesel-4x4-2 ram-2500-diesel-4x4-3



By adding onto the Ram pickup, AEV takes advantage of factory engineering for serious off-road work while delivering stable and performance.

AEV has solidified its place as a company that can transform factory trucks into off-road beasts while maintaining the handling, comfort in addition to adding a ton of style.

ram-2500-diesel-4x4-1 ram-2500-diesel-4x4-2016

The Hemi V8 has enough power to keep the truck feeling somewhat nimble. Driving a lifted diesel usually entails bad handling, poor steering, reduced braking, but that’s not so with this rig. American Expedition Vehicles,  have worked hard to eliminate these issues with the Prospector package for Ram pickups with the 6.7L Cummins diesel engine.