883 Iron by Rolandsands

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Bikes and Sounds: The 883 Technics Sporty

Based out of Los Alamitos, California, the Roland Sands Design company have been engineering some incredible custom motorcycles. From the moment you step through their doors or open their website you know you’re in good company. Each member of staff knows their way around a motorcycle and most importantly a tool bench.

When Panasonic went in search of a motorcycle to champion their iconic ‘Technics’ brand of headphones and music accessories they turned to RSD to light their way.

As you can see this Harley Davidson 883 has taken inspiration directly from the pages of Panasonic’s history book, fusing contemporary headphone design with nostalgic turntable mixers.

It’s more than just a two-wheeled turntable though; you’re looking at some seriously engineered gear, lovingly crafted and fused together with a Harley Davidson for a contemporary, yet vintage look. From the front grill on the headlight to the 2 to 1 exhaust. Complete the style with some black ceramic paint, with a silver, black satin gloss and you’re looking at a masterpiece. It sums up the spirit of the Panasonic Technics brand, from then ‘til now and demands your attention..