4X4 FORD E350 DIESEL – Off-road camper

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4X4 FORD E350 DIESEL-1 2014

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This ain’t no ordinary camper and it ain’t for no ordinary camping trip.

At least once in your life you’ll aspire to be a man with a van; you might be a young guy with a dream of taking his band on the road, looking for a mobile love shack or hitting the highway with a wild sense of adventure. On the other hand you might be an older man with all of the same dreams as you had when you were younger but with a bit more cash in your pocket. If you’ve got the finances then this is what you need.

Take a look at the king of the campers: this is a 2008 Sportsmobile 4X4 Ford E350 Diesel, a pimped ride full of custom gadgetry to tackle any situation on the road and tour in luxury.

Drivers have tackled the trails at Moab in these bad boys and tourists have clocked over 3000 miles in two weeks seeing the sights of North America too.

A custom van like this comes at a cost but let’s take a look at what’s included.

We’re talking about a van with a DynaTrac ProRock 60 front axle, ARB air lockers and an incredible suspension design that has over 24 inches of front-wheel articulation. Combine that with some serious interior modifications for a comfortable living space with a satellite TV and a fully functioning kitchen, whack a 12,000 pound winch into the mix and you’ve got a machine fit for the kings of the road.

All of this built on top of a 6.0 liter diesel engine. Who could ask for more? Check out some of the specifications on the links below and prepare to be blown away!