2014 Zero FX Electric Motorcycle

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Zero FX Electric Motorcycle: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Now it’s pretty obvious that an electric motorcycle is going to cause a lot of controversy amongst the die hard petrol heads but it’s a safe bet to put your money on electric motorcycles being the only way forward in the future, unless those conspiracy theorists weren’t lying about government cover-ups over super fuel efficient carburetors…

So here it is: The Zero FX electric motorcycle. It might not look like much from the outside but once you lift up the plastic you’ll see…a battery? Simply put, yes; but what can this next generation motorcycle do?

According to the factory specification manual the Zero FX can reach a top speed of 85 mph and has 44 hp. Factory specs tend to play up their capabilities a little but road tests have seen this electric bike reach top speeds of 80 mph and comfortably sustain a constant speed of 70 mph. Let’s be honest, that’s plenty of speed for a machine that you simply refuel by plugging it into the wall. One full charge will also give you a range of 70 miles too, depending on how you ride it! You can even upgrade your battery after purchase to expand your range, if you want to hit the highways.

If you have any reservations about taking the next revolutionary step in motorcycling, head down to a dealership and go for a spin on this silent and deadly stealth machine. You’ll change your mind in a heartbeat. You’ll also reduce your own carbon footprint too and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?