“The Natural” 1976 CB750F SS

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“The Natural” built by Portland based workshop The Tarantulas. 

The 1976 CB750F SS: Cafe Racer Style – Over the last ten years there has been a definite cafe racer revival amongst the custom bike building crowd and when you look at the quality of the design and engineering behind this work of art then it’s not hard to see why.

This beautifully restored Honda was the result of three bike building workshops that gathered together to make a machine fit for a king. The Tarantulas, Crowe Metal Co. and New Church Moto clubbed together to resurrect the fallen machine and rebuilt it from the frame up.

The build began with a simple strip job; remove everything unnecessary, including the paint and put it back together with love and TLC.

The original plan didn’t include a bare metal finish. That only came after the tank had been stripped back to bare and brushed metal and the Crowe Metal Co. fabricated the amazing tailpiece and the chief designer of The Tarantulas decided that such incredible craftsmanship was too good to cover up with a paint job!

The look was completed with the New Church Moto’s incredible upholstery job on the seat. The brown , tanned leather seat looks the business and compliments the grips perfectly.

Overall, the cafe racer looks exactly like what a cafe racer is supposed to be: understated, bare, stripped and powerful.  If you ever had a mind to build your own then learn from this example! It takes more than a set of clip-ons and rear sets to make a bike a true member of the club! “The Natural”