Man – Check out this bright red 1969 Boss 429 with 21,400 original miles and matching-numbers…  The BOSS features a 429ci V8 early-production S-code NASCAR motor with a 4-speed manual transmission… The Boss (also known as the “Boss 9” by enthusiasts) is arguably one of the most valued muscle cars…
ford-mustang-boss-5 ford-mustang-boss-6

In-total there were 1358 original Boss 429s made. And the origin of the Boss 429 comes about as a result of NASCAR, see Ford was looking to develop a Hemi that could compete with the famed 426 Hemi from Chrysler in the Sprint Cup (then known as “Grand National Division”). NASCAR’s homologation rules required that at least 500 cars be fitted with this motor and sold to the general public. After much consideration, it was decided by Ford that the Mustang would be the car that would house this new engine – Nice Right?

ford-mustang-boss-4 ford-mustang-boss ford-mustang-boss57-1

The 429 engine was derived from the Ford 385 engine. It used four bolt mains, a forged steel crank and forged steel connecting rods. The engine featured aluminum cylinder heads, which had a modified Hemi type combustion chamber.

Exterior Color RED
Interior Color BLACK
Cylinders V8
Engine Size 429CI
Transmission 4-SPEED MANUAL