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The 1968 Shelby GT 350 but this one’s a convertible…

First things first, we know you want one. Who wouldn’t? The Shelby Mustang has got to be one of the most iconic American cars ever made and the chance to own any one of them that was produced between 1965 and 1970 would be a ‘dream come true’ for many petrol heads. Granted, this one isn’t Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds but this one is pretty special too.

This machine was one of 404 GT 350s produced in 1968 and one of only 28 that were painted in the Lime Gold color. The owner has lovingly restored this back to factory spec and if you look at these images you can see that no expense was spared in doing so.

The engine has been restored to its original form and it runs like a beauty. On top of that, the convertible top has been replaced and upgraded to give it the edge over its contemporary models. This is a car that you’d love to own and would love to drive.

It’s even got two original signatures from the late and great Caroll Shelby himself, which really makes this machine a special piece of automotive history.

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