Check out this XSR700 – Ad Hoc build, with an crazy neon color aesthetic that makes you wonder… Should more builders ditch the gloomy tones, for a splash of color to liven up our otherwise grey world? Despite the incredible numbers of custom builds hitting the streets daily, it’s surprisingly difficult to find anything new. Every […]

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Man – Check out this bright red 1969 Boss 429 with 21,400 original miles and matching-numbers…  The BOSS features a 429ci V8 early-production S-code NASCAR motor with a 4-speed manual transmission… The Boss (also known as the “Boss 9” by enthusiasts) is arguably one of the most valued muscle cars… In-total there were 1358 original Boss 429s made. […]

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Gnarly Jeep Chief Concept Brings the Beach Vibe

A tribute to the classic 1970s era full-size Jeep Cherokee, this Wrangler-based concept vehicle evokes the west coast surfer lifestyle of sun and fun with a nod to nostalgic beach rides. Rad right? Jeep went and unveiled this Chief concept, a modern take on the classic Cherokee Chief indulging the relationship between the heart, the mind, […]

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Maserati-Powered Leaning Quad 2016-03-13

Lazareth LM 847 – A Maserati-Powered Leaning Quad

French builder Lazareth’s latest build. The Lazareth LM 847, features the 4.7-liter, 470hp, V8 engine out of a Maserati automobile, with a leaning quad chassis built around it. The leaning quad setup looks very similar to the Yamaha Tesseract concept, both visually and technically. The tail section is straight off a Ducati 1299 Panigale. With the popularity […]

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Hidemo XLCH-5 2014

Hidemo XLCH – Awesome – Straight Outta Japan

Straight Outta Japan: The boys over at Hide Motorcycles in Japan sure know what they’re doing; they can turn something stock and turn it into a head turner, using some serious engineering techniques and a hell of a lot of know how. Take this classic example: the 1967 XLCH (affectionately known as the Knick Knack). It’s […]

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